If you have recently changed domains on your PC (for example, connected it to the Azure AD and then reconnected to the on-premises AD) and now you are seeing an error in the screenshot below while registering your device to sign in to your domain account, follow these steps:

  1. Run certificate manager (certmgr.msc) as a local admin on the user's PC.

  2. Browse to the Trusted Root Certification Authority -> Certificates.

  3. Check if the list of certificates contains more than one certificate that was issued by the domain server. If you have two or more certificates you should determine which one of them is Root CA Certificate and delete any extra certificates except root.

If you registered successfully, but can not log in, please, try to run this command in a PowerShell on the PC as a local admin:

certutil -pulse

If the QR code is not displayed at the credential provider, please, check if this option is enabled in the Hideez Client:

If your Hideez Authenticator is not connected to the HES server (the server connection indicator in the application settings is red), you must configure your environment so that the port and address of the HES server are open to the network where your smartphone with the Hideez Authenticator application is located.

For example, if your server is deployed on a LAN network and your smartphone is on a WAN network, you should open your server to the WAN.

In order to check if your smartphone and the HES server recognize each other, you can open the address of your server in the smartphone browser.

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