Primary Setup (admin guide)

There are 2 options for Windows login:

  • passwordless login to the PC within AD on-premises domain

  • password-based login

The following guide describes setting the environment for passwordless Windows workstation login.

To set up your system environment for passwordless login you have to configure Active Directory Certification Authority, add domain settings to the Hideez Enterprise Server (HES), and then configure SSO. After these steps, you can proceed to application enrollment on HES and then follow the instruction for PC passwordless login enrollment. To set up your system environment for password-based login you only have to configure SSO on HES, enroll the application on HES and then follow instructions for PC password-based login enrollment.

In case you only have to use the Hideez Authenticator for OTP generation, please, configure SSO on HES and then refer to the corresponding guide - Android, and iOS.

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